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Shampoo Soaps

The vegan, alkaline soap shampoos are made by hand. Rich oils derived from avocados and coconuts as well as precious jojoba and wheat germ oils nourish scalp and hair, while lemon oil, green tea, cocoa and shea butter create shine and elasticity. The products have a ph-value of 9.5 and directly target excess acidity.

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Hair & Skin Cream

The hair and skin cream is like a body lotion for your hair a natural hold and nourishing care. The light cream has a subtle lemon fragrance and tames flyaway hair. It is pH neutral and can be used for hair and skin

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Hair care brushes

The brushes by ferry’s for hair are ideal for daily hair and scalp care. The bristles are arranged in an offset pattern and will grasp through the hair onto the scalp, intensely massaging the hair cells while brushing. This way the hair muscles are strengthened and the blood flow is increased.

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Sea Salt Spray

Hairspray with rock salt from the Himalayans, aloe vera gel and chamomile oil. Creates a lustrous shine without making it greasy. Adds volume and grip without drying out.

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Basic care for Hair & Skin

Our skin is our largest organ, it gets rid of acids and other waste products as well as toxins in our body but it also absorbs oxygen and minerals. If this circulation is disturbed, your skin becomes imbalanced and dysfunctions may occur. The same applies to our scalp the basic nutrient supplier to healthy hair. ferry’s for hair stands for natural care products which restore that balance.
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