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Dear customers,

due the upcoming restrictions and hotspot regulations, we will have to change our terms and conditions.From November 24th 2021, we are only allowed to treat customers with 2G proof, which means that only customers who are either vaccinated or recovered can use our services.
In addition, there is an FFP2 mask requirement for all customers.

Stay safe your ferry’s team


Bright wood determines the design of the salon. From the floor to the ceiling everything is gained from nature. The whole room smells like fresh wood and in the middle of the salon you can find a small garden.

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Ferry's Japanese

All the workers are from Japan.
Everyone has extended their experiences in Japan, Germany or in the US. German, Japanese or English, in this salon every language is spoken.

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Lemon Shampoo Soap

Ferry’s basic Lemon Shampoo Soap is the first of many basic products to be released in 2019.

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